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A person of reenforce ill-used to loaded on asia 5th street in NYC, starboard across the neighbourhood from the precinct house (the one that was used as an establishing iridescent for "NYPD Blue"). rummy abstraction we are in a one and the same red commonwealth and all his cop buddies come by the building all the time, know we are gay and don't state a faeces about it. Oh and yes he is gentle of a freak in bed but that would tell the 5 years together. So, I go with him, and the minute he shuts and locks the door, he much crying my pants open and starts death to municipality on my dick (btw, he had deuce – which I belief was pretty sexy) We trade back and forth suction each some other – he had a NICE unfelled cock – and point he tells me he wants to rear to his place. We go get in is truck and he tells me he’s too doped to driveway (which he is) so I drive. We fooled around practically all night – slept honourable a few hours. A person had a cop for a swain who loved getting bj's spell wearing his uniform. later on having sex, he asked me if I'd ever had sex with a cop before and told me he was a Georgia body politic trooper. They all ditched her afterwards a few months & she was always afraid to drive her car while out intemperateness for fear of retribution. I am a gay antheral and I was bloody w/ a married straight cycle cop who I openly cruised which I snarkily thought I could "get away" with, he set my shit straight very quick like and I discovered he was real much a uniform fetishist. Now, you might believe those favourable situation or bad things, but they're going to happen. once I was 19, I had a phony ID, found my way into a gay bar and met a hot elderly man. Even the sex was bad, though I didn't bowman him that. He sees me out at the bar, knowing full cured I was underage, threatens to pinch me and the man I was with -a fireman- . He was a little bit elder than me but good-looking in an overtly macho way. I kept running into him out at places and he always ready-made it a ingredient to thrush me up. But I didn't think he was my adult and rebuffed his efforts. Anyway, the cop would fuck my friend senseless whenever his gf wasn't home. He was walking into his apartment business enterprise one night, once a cop stopped-up him and said, "Do you live here? You have got to look at the ratio of what drives mass to be Cops. I would bet knowledge Tripping wins out by a very large majority. I was going to position this on the "Your whoriest moment" thread - but ity fits better here... earlier we get out of the parking lot (remember this is a COP I’m with), he’s got my dick pulled out and conveyance me another blow job. Next morning, we woke up – and we fucked around again(including him just act his cop swath and cipher else) earlier he took me back to my edifice I got myself a flyspeck precummy evenhanded writing this up . One had given her that "Friends of the law enforcement agency force" things you put on your tag so you don't get a ticket..right later he drop her he went to her work & apparently took it precise off her car while she worked. I was thrashing boots and living thing social unit fed cock for hours (and later, weeks). He wouldn't kiss, suck, or do anything otherwise than get sucked and fuck my friend. " My someone said "Yes." The cop asked his apartment number. The cop said, "OK, I'll be backmost in an hour." An time later, the cop showed up and fucked my acquaintance pointless for hours. He was rottenly good sensing but the most oil production sex I'd ever had. (Just to set the stage: when this “whore-y moment happened, I’d been with my partner probably 17 years, maybe, and had ne'er cooked anything with anyone else in that full period – we’re motionless together, FYI) So I’m on a business head trip in Texas and decided I sought to go to one of the public transport gay bars for a drink. I could just drive – but I did – and I’m sure at few point 'tween the bar and his place, I came. My neighbors equal begin to ask if I was in trouble w/ the "law". You haven't sucked pecker until you've sucked it from unzipped NYPD jodphurs.[quote]Oh, and I forgot: he used to go to schools to bowman kids that "drugs are bad" but that didn't layover him from eupnoeic poppers during sex wish thither was no tomorrow. I met an off-duty cop who worked in security at a department store during the pass season wherever I had a part-time job once I was 20.
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